City provides more funding for DSNY's anti-rat containers, residents urge others to do their part

The Department of Sanitation announced the funding in its fight against rats and trash in New York City is back on track.
The effort strives to containerize garbage, get it off streets and keep rats out.
Bronx resident Francis Woodruff says the rats on the street are stealing her peace. Mayor Eric Adams' office says with the effort of city agencies, rat sighting complaints in certain hot spots went down 20% in 2023.
DSNY Commissioner Jessica Tisch says the city's litter basket designs are "easier for humans to use, harder for rats to abuse and a far better fit for the clean streets of today's New York City."
Woodruff adds everyone must do their part.
"Instead of littering, drop it in the bin," says Woodruff.
The Adams administration says 23,000 litter baskets are already on the streets of New York City and that more will be possible with the funding.