Civic association requests year-round water patrol off City Island

Some City Island residents have put a new proposal in motion to put an end to reckless behavior on the waters in northeast Bronx.
The City Island Civic Association’s water safety committee says yesterday marked the NYPD’s last day of harbor patrols on waters off the Bronx. But residents say as the weather stays beautiful into the fall, there's a need for a continued police presence on the water.

According to the committee, the NYPD harbor patrol was temporarily assigned to Eastchester Bay and the Long Island Sound – waters right off City Island, Throgs Neck and Locust Point — throughout the summer.
But the association wants a year-round harbor patrol station or unit on the waters of the northeast Bronx as they say Jet Ski riders are reckless and private boaters party late into the night.
The association says after three years of chaos the NYPD stepped up to increase their presence this past summer. They say Councilman Mark Gjonaj has $1 million of funding for capital improvement in participatory budgeting. They'd like to see the money used for permanent harbor patrol.

There will be a civic association meeting in City Island on Oct. 29. Residents are hoping to move forward with the support of all the northeast Bronx.
Community Board #10 told News 12 in a statement, "Bronx Community Board #10 is thrilled to support this request on its annual District Needs Statement to Mayor de Blasio. A harbor patrol unit around areas such as City Island and Throggs Neck will only help to enhance the quality-of-life that our Board promises to protect."