Civilian Complaint Review Board recommends charges for 65 NYPD officers over Black Lives Matter protests

The Civilian Complaint Review Board is now recommending charges against dozens of NYPD officers for their conduct during Black Lives Matter protests across the city. 
The board has received over 750 complaints relating to the behavior of officers at the protests over the summer. 
In total, the board is recommending charges against 65 different officers.
They also add that 42 of the 313 complaints they’ve received have been substantiated. 
Charges recommended for the officers include abuse of authority, force and offensive language. 
News 12 reached out to the NYPD for comment on the recent report and received this statement:
"Over the past fourteen months the NYPD has assisted the CCRB in their investigations by providing hundreds of hours of body-worn-camera footage as well as thousands of pages of records. The NYPD will move forward with the CCRB in the process of adjudicating these cases. Police officers are entitled to due process and may choose to go forward with an administrative trial where evidence must be presented and may be challenged. These trials are open to the public. Discipline is imposed based on a matrix of penalties that has been agreed upon between the NYPD and CCRB.  Any discipline that results from a finding of guilt or a plea of guilty in an NYPD administrative trial will be made public in the NYPD’s online discipline database. The NYPD has made significant strides and continues to work toward making our discipline processes transparent. Like any citizen, police officers should be afforded a presumption of innocence until and unless proven guilty."