Clason Point neighbors blame $95M construction project for basement flooding

Neighbors in Clason Point are blaming a $95 million construction project for wreaking havoc on their basements.

The neighbors say flooding in their basements started at the same time as a sewage construction project began on their block.

One woman says the water destroyed her appliances, a fur coat and more.

Neighbors tell News 12 that their basements flood with sewage every time it rains. They say it's been going on for more than a year. They say they have spent their own money trying to fix the problem.

The city's Department of Environmental Protection says it surveyed the issues, but it's a Department of Design and Construction project so they don't actually handle the work.

The DDC released a statement saying, "When fully complete in Spring 2020, this major improvement will significantly reduce wet weather overflow events that impacted natural areas surrounding Pugsley Creek."

Residents say they hope the situation improves because they are fed up with the current conditions.