Co-op City land to become waterfront park

Officials announced that a largely unused plot of land in Co-op City is being donated to the city to become a waterfront park.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said last week that the Riverbay Corporation donated a 1.4-acre plot to become a park that will be developed by the city.
"The decision to donate the land came out of negotiations between Riverbay and Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration for reciprocal municipal services to offset the expenses that Co-op City shareholders have taken on for programs ordinarily provided by the city," the Riverbay Corporation said in a statement.
The plan is still in its infancy, as there aren't even renderings available yet. But the mayor's office says that the park will feature waterfront pathways with beautiful views of the Hutchinson River and Pelham Bay Park.
There is also a plan to have a rest stop of sorts for bicyclists, since the Co-op City Boulevard bicycle route passes right outside the plot located just south of the Co-op City Little League fields.
City officials say the park will also have other amenities that will be decided by residents.