Coastal storm leaves mix of rain and snow in Flatbush

The coastal that impacted New York City left a dusting of snow in Flatbush, which will soon be washed away by the rain.
The mix of snow and rain left a slick coating of slush on the sidewalks near Flatbush Avenue.
Throughout the evening, there were workers throwing salt on the ground to make it easier for pedestrians and cars to navigate the streets.
MTA busses were equipped with chains for more traction.
Many cars in this area only had a light dusting of snow, so it won't take long for drivers to clear off before heading out Monday morning.
There's a wind advisory in the city until 10 a.m. Monday - something to be concerned about because it can cause flying debris and power outages.
Residents are advised to charge their cell phones and have some batteries and a flashlight handy.
In case there's an outage, residents are urged to watch out for downed power lines and turn off their appliances.