Community members say illegal parking causing danger due to excessive traffic

A group of seniors in Concourse Village say years of illegal parking has made traffic in their neighborhood a case of life or death. 
Community members tell News 12 that just crossing the street is dangerous, thanks to traffic brought on by illegally parked cars. 
Much of the group lives by the corner of Concourse Village West and 158th Street, a busy intersection near several schools and the borough’s courthouses. 
They say they’ve even noticed cars with NYPD permits parking illegally. 
This is an issue that’s making every day errands hard for the older members of the community. 
The Department of Transportation said the problem is one for the NYPD who told News 12 in a statement that the local precinct is “aware of the condition and is working to address the issue.”
In the meantime, community members say more needs to be done to keep the area safe and keep traffic down. 
They say they want to see regular enforcement from the NYPD for cars that park illegally as well as a traffic light at the intersection to force drivers to slow down.