Community rallies for justice after sanitation worker's death

Dozens of people gathered on the steps of the Bronx Supreme Courthouse Wednesday to demand justice for Guinea immigrant Mouctar Diallo, a worker whose death was allegedly covered up by a local sanitation company.
Diallo, 21, had been working on a Sanitation Salvage truck for more than a year when he was run over in November 2017 by the truck on which he was working. Police were originally told that Diallo was unknown to the company. He was reported to be a "crazed homeless person."
The driver who allegedly hit Diallo kept his job and later fatally struck 72-year-old Leo Clarke in April 2018. The driver did not face charges in that incident.
Leaders of African immigrant communities say they want the license for Sanitation Salvage, a private company, to be revoked.
"We want to work with our elected officials to make sure this company changes its safety standards so that the killing doesn't happen to anyone else," says Mohammed Mardah, of the Muslim and Immigrant Coalition for Justice.
News 12 reached out to Sanitation Salvage and a spokesperson said the company "is deeply saddened by these tragic accidents."
News 12 did not hear back from the city's Business Integrity Commission for comment.