Con Edison offers special services for those in need

Con Edison has a special program to help those in need who depend on power for more than just light and heat during emergencies such as last week's snowstorm.
The Con Edison special services registry helps New Yorkers in the five boroughs and Westchester County.
The program helps to make sure customers who may not be able to speak English or those who have medical needs are being assisted during emergencies
John Farchione, the credit manager for Con Edison, says they help over 100,000 people and that the company would like to help even more.
"We know there's a lot more customers out there that use medical equipment and we'd really like to get them on this program," says Farchione.
In times of emergency, Con Edison will call people on the special needs registry to warn them and give them the help they need.
"If for some reason we can't contact someone, we will actually call the local police precinct to ask them to do a welfare check at the home," says Farchione.
There are multiple ways to sign up for the registry. One way is to sign up using brochures sent out by Con Edison. Another way is to call 1-800-75-CONED.
Even those who are not Con Edison customers, but live in the service area, can sign up for the program.