Connecticut woman claims NYPD officer, exorcist chased demon from home

A Connecticut woman is claiming that an NYPD officer and exorcist helped her get rid of a demonic possession in her home.
Glenda Bosanko says she thought she found her dream home on Guinea Road in Stamford until she started hearing things crashing and growling.
Bosanko says it was one night in April when the crashing, footsteps and banging reached their peak.
"I actually thought maybe it was an intruder, and I was here in the house alone. So, in case I was going to be murdered I wanted some evidence, so I brought my phone," she says. "Either I am going insane, or something's happening here. And I need help."
She brought in Chris DeFlorio - an 18-year veteran at the NYPD and self-trained "religious demonologist."
Chris DeFlorio and wife Harmony say their nonprofit Office of Demonic Investigations grew out of their New York City homeless ministry, Seek & Save Outreach.
They say after a few visits to investigate, the couple decided to attempt an exorcism.
Chris DeFlorio says as soon as he started the ritual, the air started to stink and a banging sound filled the attic.
It took a few more visits and a few more blessings before the DeFlorios declared their work on the house finished.
Bosanto says it was like night and day from when she was scared to leave her bedroom.
"After they left, the energy changed. It was like, I could come and sit in my living room," she says.
Chris DeFlorio says there's no greater calling than giving the gift of peace of mind.