Construction almost completed on new ‘Union Crossing’ multi-purpose building

Union Crossing, a new multi-use building in Port Morris, is almost completed.
The building was once a huge baking facility, then an equipment warehouse, but in several weeks it will house local innovators and artists.
"It’s been about manufacturing for so long. This area has been very creative about making things. It seemed like a natural progression for this building,” says Union Crossing architect Matt Stephenson.
Architects say they wanted to keep some of the old architecture, all while bringing in Bronx flair.
"We've exposed some beautiful mushroom columns and cleaned up the space as best we can,” says Stephenson.
The artwork in the building will feature the Bronx’s own, including art in the elevators done by Tats Cru. Tats Cru is just one of the many artists the owners want to commission to decorate this space.
"I think it’s all about really creating a community inside the space and opening it up to the people of Port Morris,” says Stephenson.
They are also hoping to open an outdoor space, to invite Bronx residents to not only create and share ideas but to shop.
"The retail environment on the lower floor. One of the most important things to us is that we activate the ground floor and become a part of the Port Morris community,” says Stephenson.
Space in Union Crossing is still up for grabs, though doors are set to open this July.