Co-Op City drivers say confusing parking sign caused more than $100 in tickets

Drivers in Co-Op City are upset after they say a confusing parking sign resulted in more than $100 in tickets.
They are blaming the signs and say the hours listed don't make any sense. They say the section of the roadway used to just have alternate side parking rules, and that new signs went up one night within the last two weeks.
Residents claim they were not given notice of the changes. "It seems as though they were a thief in the night and they put the no standing sign," said a resident.
They say they typically park their cars on Baychester Avenue but that the tickets found on the dash of their vehicles last week caused confusion. They say they understand the need to reduce congestion but that taking away parking and giving them tickets is not the answer.
News 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation for comment and has not heard back yet.