Councilman calls on city to maintain, fund Bronx parks

Councilman calls on city to maintain, fund Bronx parks

A Bronx councilman is calling on the city to properly maintain and fund the borough's parks, and he's bringing attention to the issue using a social media hashtag.

City Councilman Mark Gjonaj has launched a social media campaign #cleanupnycparks to bring attention to the greenspaces in the city that could use a little more attention, as well as funding from the Parks Department.

One of the spaces on the councilman's radar is Charles M. Lee Triangle by Pelham Parkway.
Valentino Reppucci has lived across the street for years and says the overgrown weeds and trash along the sidewalk has been a culmination of years of neglect

"We need green.. it would be a plus for the city if they could do something to keep it up to date," he says.

It’s just one of the many green spaces that community members feel has been forgotten over the years. Residents say they feel the Parks Department’s attention and money has gone to the other boroughs.

As the city budget talks continue, the community members hope the #cleanupnycparks initiative will bring attention to the funding the greenspaces need and help make sure that money makes it to the Bronx.
News 12 reached out to the Mayor's Office for comment and is waiting on a response.