Cuban-born local fencer represents United States in the Olympic fencing competition

Local fencer Yeisser Ramirez is representing the United States in the Olympic games in Tokyo after immigrating from Cuba to the United States less than a decade ago.
Considered to be one of the best fencers in Cuba, Ramirez wanted to continue his training when immigrated to the United States at 21 years old. 
After he arrived to train under six-time Olympian Peter Westbrook, he had to learn how to speak English.
Ramirez first settled in the Bronx before moving to Brooklyn. Five years after moving to New York, he became an American citizen.
He got a job in the recycling department of an alcoholic beverage distributor.
Ramirez was the last cut from the United States Olympic team at the 2016 Olympic trials.
He initially wanted to give up the sport, until a heart-to-heart with his mentor drew him back in.
Ramirez went back to the Olympic trials this year and secured a spot on the team.