DA: Brother of man shot while with daughter indicted for killing 2 men in retaliation

Two men have been indicted for fatally shooting two men and for wounding another inside a building hallway in Claremont, according to Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark. 
The shooting is believed to have been in retaliation for the killing of one of the suspect's brother, who was shot while walking with his young daughter.
Clark says Kalvin Robinson, 28, and Nasir Greene, 21, were arraigned on two counts of second-degree murder, attempted murder in the second degree, two counts of first-degree manslaughter, and four counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. 
Clark says this was all a case of retaliation for killing Anthony Robinson, the father who was killed while walking with his daughter. 
“The defendants allegedly engaged in a retaliatory shooting, killing two men and wounding another. The incident happened just a few hours after one of the defendant’s brother had been fatally shot while walking down the street with his 6-year-old daughter. Revenge shootings are not the answer. Witnesses must come forward and cooperate with law enforcement to get justice the right way, not use violence that further hurts our communities,” said Clark. 
As News 12 has reported, Anthony Robinson is the father who was shot while holding his 6-year-old daughter’s hand as they were crossing the street on 170th Street on July 5.
At an anti-violence march, Clark said the father’s brother, Kelvin Mays Robinson, was the gunman behind a shooting hours after his brother was killed.
“Hours later, around the corner, two more men were shot and one of them was in the car that killed Anthony Robinson, so you know what that means? That was retaliation. But guess what? Today? Guess what happened today? Anthony Robinson's brother was arrested for the murder of those two men,” says Clark.
Those two men were inside an apartment building hallway with another man when they were shot. They were later pronounced dead at the hospital.
Clark says one of the men who died was in the vehicle when Robinson was killed.