Damage seen in Yauco after string of earthquakes in Puerto Rico

Residents in Puerto Rico are seeing major damage after a string of earthquakes struck the island.
News 12's Aime Rodriguez was in Yauco Wednesday just 30 minutes east from Guayanilla, where a small neighborhood is seen full of destruction.
Red Xs are seen on almost every home in the neighborhood. This means every second in the home is dangerous.
Lisa Maria Morales Vargas' says her second-story home collapsed while she was still inside.
"I was coming through the hallway to the living room, that is when the house fell down. As it fell down to the side, I couldn't open the door," said Vargas.
She says she was trapped and that minutes felt like an eternity. Once she found her escape, she says the dark night blinded her.
"I said, 'I'm going to jump,' but my neighbor said 'Don't jump,'" said Vargas.
Many of the houses in Yauco were second-level shaken to the ground. Some cars were even smashed underneath the homes when the earthquakes hit.
The neighborhood park in Yauco has been turned into a makeshift campground.
Those in the community say the familiarity of a friendly face brings them the little bit of home they need to get through the day.