Dancers from the Bronx, other countries join in for uplifting dance project video

Using dance to help lift spirits during the coronavirus pandemic helped spark the idea for a video where people from all over the world are joining in to have a good time.
Dancers from the Bronx, Japan, Hawaii and all over are dancing to a song by John Legend at a time where spirits are down, but in need to be lifted.
"When they told me it brought them so much joy and helped heal their soul, I said this is what it's supposed to be," says creator Mickey Sakai.
Its creator, a dancer for decades, noticed creatives were struggling, with many out of work and looking for a way to express themselves.
"It brought my spirits down, I saw the dance community flustering, Broadway was canceled, everything was like ‘we don't know what’s going on,’” says Saki.
The dance started with just one person coming up with the moves, hoping dancers would give it a shot.
He says the results were better than expected.
A tutorial on how to do the dance is expected to come out soon, for a chance to let loose, shake off your problems and smile.
"I heard the John Legend song Bigger Love and it inspired me to smile and I said we need a little bit more of that here even if it's just to dance,” says Sakai.