Defense of accused killer, Enger Javier, release new evidence in court

The man charged in the 2012 stabbing death of a 19-year-old Bronx man appeared in court Friday with new evidence he hopes leads to a dismissal of all charges against him.
Enger Javier was charged with the murder of Hansel Arias and has spent two years in jail.
Javier's lawyer, David Cohen, says his client had nothing to do with the murder and presented a surveillance video in court showing Arias running for his life the night he was killed, while Javier stands aside.
The defense also presented eyewitness accounts that claim to show that the killer is a different man.
Despite the new evidence, the court did not dismiss the charges against Javier and no other arrest warrants have been issued.
Another court date is set for next month to give the district attorney's office more time to investigate the case.
"We are moving with all deliberate speed and alacrity to resolve this in the interest of justice," says Assistant District Attorney John Morabito.
Javier is scheduled to be back in court on Feb. 24 for his 28th court appearance.