Delivery workers say minimum wage raise is minimizing their paychecks due to shorter hours, fewer tips

Some have lowered the suggested tip amount, others have put the option to tip after checkout.

Nadia Galindo

Mar 29, 2024, 12:54 AM

Updated 26 days ago


Some delivery workers want the city to something about the new minimum pay rate that they said is minimizing their paychecks due to shorter hours and fewer tips.
The minimum wage for delivery workers in New York City went from $7 to $17.96 in December.
"Before I would earn $800 or $900 a week," said delivery worker Jerehson, who asked us not to use his last name. "Now I only get $500."
Jerehson and other delivery workers tell News 12 the new rule has caused food delivery apps to change their business models, including their pay structures, and the hours he can work.
"They cut my hours because there are less orders," he said.
Delivery app companies have also changed the way users can tip.
Some have lowered the suggested tip amount, others have put the option to tip after checkout.
"You don't see the tips anymore," said delivery worker Tiffany, who asked us to not use her last name.
Tiffany said delivering food was a way to help her get back on her feet when she became homeless and since given her the flexibility she needs.
"It's become a real way for me to still be able take care of everybody and be around for my kids," she said.
She hopes to continue working as a delivery driver but said her pay has significantly been reduced.
"I personally feel like there are delivery companies that are taking advantage of there being a new minimum wage increase and passing that buck to consumers at the detriment of their drivers," she said.
Companies like Door Dash and Uber Eats have said the new minimum wage would impact workers, consumers and businesses.
The city's Department of Consumer and Worker Protection provided the following statement in response:
"In rain, snow, sleet, hail, and heat, our delivery workers have consistently delivered for us — and our administration has delivered for them with the nation’s first minimum pay rate for delivery workers. As we continue to support them and protect their rights, DCWP is monitoring the apps’ compliance with the minimum pay rate. Any worker who has questions or concerns should reach out to us at or by calling 311."

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