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Department of Sanitation reveals new garbage truck, strategy in NYC's war on trash

Mayor Eric Adams and the Department of Sanitation revealed a new automated side-loading garbage truck as the latest addition in New York City's war on trash.

News 12 Staff, Elly Morillo and Katelynn Ulrich

Feb 1, 2024, 5:47 PM

Updated 170 days ago


Mayor Eric Adams is trying to contain his proclaimed "War on Rats," now requiring residential buildings to use rat-proof containers for trash and a new truck to get trash off the streets.
Along with the new truck to take trash off the streets and into rodent-resistant containers, new data-driven containerization strategy was also announced. Mayor Adams says by fall 2024, 70% of all trash in the city will be containerized.
The initiative would determine the type and size of containers that will be used for buildings of different sizes.
A neighborhood like Bushwick is one of the battlefields, with residents telling News 12 about many rats in the neighborhood. One Bushwick man supposedly spent $1,200 after having to replace his brakes because, he says, rats ate through wires beneath his car. 
"The warranty said it's not under warranty for the rats eating the wires," said Benjamin Manzella.
The initial plan mentions buildings with 31 or more residential units will be required to use stationary on-street containers for their trash. Buildings with 10 to 30 units will be able to choose between stationery on-street containers and smaller wheelie bins.
By summer of 2026, they’ll all need to use the official NYC bins that will be installed outside the building.
Starting on March 1, all businesses in the city will be required to containerize their trash.

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