‘Dusk and Darkness’ initiative aims to keep commuters informed, safe as daylight saving time ends

Officials warn commuters to stay alert while driving on the streets and highways.

News 12 Staff

Nov 4, 2021, 9:15 PM

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As daylight saving time ends this Sunday and our clocks are set back, it will begin to get darker much earlier. Department of Transportation officials are launching a campaign to help keep drivers and pedestrians safe. 
The annual “Dusk and Darkness” safety campaign reminds drivers that as daylight saving time ends, pedestrian accidents usually increase - especially in the evening. 
With this campaign, DOT and NYPD street teams will be at transit hubs around the city during morning rush hour giving out information to commuters about the initiative. 
Officials warn commuters to stay alert while driving on the streets and highways. 
City data from 2010 to 2014, before this initiative was launched, shows that serious crashes involving pedestrians were 40% higher during months where there is less daylight - November through February. 
Since the launch of this campaign five years ago, officials say the average annual number of fatalities has declined by 18%. 
They say traffic enforcement will be stepped up in areas where pedestrians and cyclists are more likely to be injured or killed. 
"Drivers need to understand how powerful their responsibility is when they are behind the wheel, making the right choices will prevent tragedies on our roadways,” said NYPD Chief of Transportation Kim Royster. 
Officials say traffic safety agents will also be focusing heavily on cars that block bus and bike lanes or are double-parked.

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