East End Preview: übergeek Brewing Company in Riverhead

It was a year ago when Rob Raffa opened his own craft brewery in Riverhead called übergeek Brewing Company.
He studied a lot of math and science, or as he puts it, he was doing a lot of "geeking out" in school. Hence the brewery name, übergeek.
It's a few blocks away from the downtown area of Riverhead – a little off the beaten path as they say.
But there's a large bar, lots of indoor space and patio tables outside.
The brewery's beers have drawn a big following in a short amount of time.
"We're known for our IPA's, our sours, our stouts, our fruited sours, and we have people -- right now -- tons of people that are coming out from the city specifically to here, and it's been flooring us with the amount of traffic that's been coming through the last few months," Raffa says.