Eastchester tenant fed up with mold problem

An Eastchester mother says there is mold growing in her apartment and it has become too much for her asthmatic children.
Simone Narine, a mother of five, says she has filed dozens of complaints to the city, but mold and a collapsing ceiling persist.
The landlord told News 12 that Narine's social worker is responsible for any communications with the management, and the social worker has never reached out to request any repairs in regards to any mold or any other need.
Narine isn't the only one at 3021 Holland Ave. with mold issues. Her upstairs neighbor Migdalia Hernandez claims to have the same problem.
The building's manager says some of the tenants have illegally installed dishwashers and washing machines, and sometimes when they run they seep through the ceilings and floor into the neighbors' apartments.