Elected officials discuss solutions to combat senseless gun violence crimes

Elected officials met with several groups Thursday to discuss some of the issues contributing to senseless gun violence crimes. 
Stopping guns from getting in the wrong hands was the focus of the hearing Thursday. State Assembly members heard from nonprofits, law enforcement, prosecutors and attorneys on how to tackle the issue. 
Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz led the discussion. He says the purpose was to find out how to stop illegal guns from getting on the streets. 
It was an invitation-only event and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence says important stakeholders like GrassRoots organizations were not invited. 
NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said that new reform laws have prevented people from testifying in cases leading to a dead-end for detectives. 
This year has been especially violent and local groups like Elite Learners Inc. in Brownsville say that with a new governor in place, action needs to be taken quickly. 
Assembly members hope to use this information to make key legislation that will address these issues on the ground.