Elected officials return from providing aid in Puerto Rico

Elected officials return from providing aid in Puerto Rico

As Puerto Ricans are enduring and recovering from ongoing earthquakes, New Yorkers are working to help, including elected officials.
Fernando Cabrera, who represents neighborhoods in the Bronx for the New York City Council, and Felix Ortiz, assistant speaker of the New York State Assembly, were among New York’s elected officials to visit Puerto Rico. There, they provided aid to those in need.
Despite seeing the devastation, Cabrera said he came back feeling inspired.
“I came back encouraged because I saw yesterday the largest organization of Puerto Ricans that I have ever seen move into a particular area to bring resources,” said Cabrera.

For others who want to help, the items that are in most need are flashlights, batteries, masks, first aid kits, gloves, portable radios, safety whistles and hand sanitizer.

Ortiz, who grew up in Puerto Rico, said that Puerto Ricans are also in need of counselors for mental and emotional support.

"They want to be happy, they want to be like nothing happened, but they're hurting inside," Ortiz said.

Cabrera released a statement saying that Puerto Rico needs funds for hurricane and earthquake recovery and that a declaration is not enough.