Environmentalists: Vehicle impound plan puts protected land at risk

Environmentalists say plans to create a new vehicle impound lot on Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike could put protected land in jeopardy.
The Village of Sag Harbor plans to place an impound yard on a more than 20-acre site near the Long Pond Greenbelt in Bridgehampton.
Dai Dayton, who volunteers at the Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt, says the project puts the entire 1,100-acre site at risk.
Dayton says the site is a watershed that drains into 13 coastal ponds, and that any fluids leaking from the impounded cars could contaminate the area.
“They want to put down asphalt…and contain whatever drips out of cars. I don't think you can do that,” says Dayton.
News 12 contacted the Village of Sag Harbor for a comment, but it has  not responded.
Although the village owns the property, it is located in the town of Southampton.
Late Thursday afternoon, the town of Southampton Planning Board voted to approve Sag Harbor's impound yard site plan.
News 12 spoke with residents who said they will concentrate on getting the village to reconsider.