Escape to Home: Unclogging drains

In this week's Escape to Home segment, News 12's Christine Insigna learned how to snake a drain that is clogged.
Watch an extended interview on how to unclog drains - and then scroll below for instructions and materials!
Here are the three Cs:
Can I even do this? Difficulty level of 2
Commitment: About 20 minutes
Cost: About $50 if you do it yourself; $200 if you call Ray the Plumber
Here are some tips Connor Karl, of Ray the Plumber, offers for dealing with pesky clogs.
-Turn off the water and put a bucket under the trap to catch any water
-Disassemble the trap and back nut
-Once disconnected, pour out any excess water
-Use a snake in your pipe - keep 6 inches of space between the wall fitting and snake
-Tight and turn until you clear the clog
For toilet clogs, you'll need to take the cable out of the auger's holder first. Remember to turn the snake clockwise to get through the toilet.
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