Exclusive: A look inside Morris Heights building one month after partial collapse

It's been a month since the lives of many Bronx families took an unexpected turn when a partial building collapse over in Morris Heights left many displaced and picking up what's left of their homes.
Last week, the Department of Buildings partially lifted a vacate order for those who live on the opposite side of the corner, allowing tenants in 21 unaffected units to return. The partially lifted order comes after the landlord made repairs to the south side of the building and added barriers blocking off unsafe areas.
Yudeili let News 12 cameras inside the building for the very first time as she returned with her belongings. Yudeili tells News 12 she still doesn't feel safe sleeping in her apartment after the collapse.
It's unclear when residents who lived in the destroyed units will be able to return to the building. In the wake of this collapse, the city ended up suspending one of their inspectors, who they say made a mistake when documenting findings about the building's foundation months before the collapse.
The department says there are still many repairs that need to be made. At this hour, what caused the collapse is still unclear as the investigation continues.