Exhibit puts spotlight on life during pandemic through art, video

Bronx curator Monxo Lopez is helping people reflect on the challenging year with a new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. 
At the “New York Responds: The First Six Months” exhibit, artwork, photography and videography paint the picture of what life was like when the coronavirus pandemic first began. 
The exhibit also showcases photos of nurses kneeling and a portrait of George Floyd. 
"Given that these two events, meaning the lockdown and the Black Lives Matter uprising, are connected in time. They happened during the same year. I think it's important for us to offer that opportunity for people to see them side by side. For people to see the overlap,” said Lopez. 
Lopez says he wants visitors to look to the future and leave the exhibit with a sense of hope. 
The exhibit runs from now until May and has a virtual exhibition that can be found on the museum’s website.