‘Never give up hope’ – Roslyn Heights couple struggling with infertility unexpectedly has daughter

Many families who are struggling with infertility were honored on Sunday for National Infertility Survival Day.
The day encourages individuals and couples coping with infertility to share their stories.
Matt and Shara Mavroson, of Roslyn Heights, say they want to share their story of infertility to help families in similar situations.
A year after their son Blake was born, the couple says they tried for a second baby. However, they couldn't conceive.
They turned to infertility specialist Dr. Beth McAvey, who says infertility is more common than most people think.
"Infertility is broad based. It sadly affects at least 15% of the world's population in terms of reproductive-aged females," Dr. McAvey says.
Shara underwent multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization treatments, but still faced problems.
"I had six miscarriages. I had six cycles that never took, and then at that point, we were physically and mentally exhausted and we needed to figure something else out," Shara says.
The couple says they decided to look for a surrogate. This route presented hurdles as well.
"Here in New York, it's really hard because it wasn't legal to have a surrogate, so of course it was very difficult to have a surrogate," Matt says. "We had to look into other states, and one of the places we looked and found a surrogate in was Wisconsin.”
The Mavrosons’ twins Remy and Willow were born this way.
Only three months later, Shara was shocked to discover she was pregnant. Her fourth child, Hazel, was born last May.
While their path to parenthood was difficult, the couple says they never gave up hope. They say that is their message to people suffering from infertility.
"It's a very hard journey, but you just have to remember what the end game is, and that's a baby," Shira says.
A new law took effect in New York ending the ban on surrogacy in February.
The state now allows couples to enter into a paid legal contract with a surrogate to carry their baby. The law also lays out several protections for the surrogate.