Families with unsolved homicide cases gather, call on NYPD to prioritize answers

Families with unsolved homicide cases are calling on the NYPD and for police to make their years-long cases a priority.
Families of more than a dozen unsolved homicide cases gathered at Reflection Church to share their grief Thursday. 
They say questions surrounding their family members cases are left unanswered. 
Bernice Perez is the mother of two sons who were shot and killed — one of them George Joel Moore who was shot in Brownsville in 2007. 
Perez and other families say they go long periods of time without hearing from police regarding updates about the cases. 
They say they just want to feel recognized and know that police are actively working to solve those cases. 
They’re also calling on police to increase the staffing of the Families of Homicide Victims Liaison Unit of the NYPD, which they say right now doesn’t have enough detectives working on the unit.
Police joined the families on Thursday and offered their condolences--explaining some of the challenges that come with solving cases and why it at times takes so long.
Families say they’re hoping that by speaking out they can get the ball rolling on solving their cases.