Family searches for Bronx woman missing for a week

A Bronx family is searching for a woman who has been missing for a week.
Cynthia Garcia has gone missing before, but never for this long, according to her mother and sister. It is also the longest she's been without her medication, which leads them to believe she may not even realize she's been missing.
Garcia was living at an independent living facility when she was admitted to Bronx Lebanon Hospital. According to the family, she was released two days later without their knowledge. Garcia's mom, Peggy McKinney, filed a missing person's report with the police.
The family received a call from Garcia, two days in a row, borrowing a random person's cellphone and telling them she had just gotten out of another hospital -- Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.
Neither individuals whose phones Garcia borrowed stayed with her.
McKinney says Garcia has bipolar disorder.
The family claims both hospitals provided her with a MetroCard, but she doesn't know her way around.
Once she is found, the family says they plan to put her in a higher level of care so this doesn't happen again.