Fashion designer aims to uplift, give back to Bronx LGBTQ community

Fashion designer aims to uplift, give back to Bronx LGBTQ community

A young Bronx designer has dressed everyone from Beyoncé to Rihanna, but his newest client is one close to home – his community.
Jerome Lamaar has been pushing the fashion industry to the next level for years, getting attention from some of the biggest names.
Beyond the glamorous day job, Lamaar says giving back to the community, specifically the Bronx LGBTQ community, is something that's close to his heart.

“I was given a gift. I was given a chance. I was given an opportunity and now it's time to empower others to do the same thing,” says Lamaar.

Lamaar says that’s why this month he's partnering with Mobilizing Our Brother's Initiative, or MOBI, a series of social connectivity events for gay and queer men of color.

“It's about diversity, it's about inclusion,” says Lamaar.

Lamaar will be participating in MOBI fest, a city-wide festival celebrating black and queer voices in creative industries.

“I've been asked to curate an art show for queer and black men of color,” says Lamaar.

He says he wants to see other young people from the borough making strides in their fields as well.

“I just want everyone to know like, you know, just keep going, keep creating and keep transforming yourself into your best version of yourself,” says Lamaar. “It's a lot of work right, but you can't stop it.”
MOBI Fest will take place June 13-15 in Manhattan, and is welcoming submissions from people all over the city.