Fatboy SSE opens up about high school chaos in exclusive interview with News 12

The social media star and rapper Fatboy SSE says his intentions were good after being accused of causing chaos at a school in Mount Vernon.
The 25-year-old, whose real name is Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough, rose to fame on Instagram with his comedic bits. He has 5.4 million followers on Instagram.
On Jan. 11, Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas made Fatboy an "honorary mayor for the day" and took him to Mount Vernon High School to surprise students.
But the Mount Vernon School District said the pair showed up unexpectedly. The district alleges that the rapper flashed money around the school, leading to damaged property and hundreds of students missing school midterms.
In a statement, the mayor said, "The day before the event, my staff and I made a visit to Mount Vernon High School to meet with the principal and work out logistics; however, the principal was not available. Nonetheless I accept responsibility. I have extended apologies to the superintendent for any misunderstanding and assured him a valuable lesson has been learned. "
Fatboy says tells News 12 he never intended to cause a riot.
“I was just going up there to give them good spirits, bless them, tell them to stay in school because I dropped out in the 12th grade so I want them to stay in school and do everything possible to be nice and good and better,” he says.
The Mount Vernon School District said it would pursue legal action against Fatboy and the city's mayor for the property damages.
The mayor's office says it is cooperating with the district to work everything out, and adds that Fatboy did a lot of out positive outreach in the community during his visit.