FDNY: 6 people injured after explosion from cellar of 3-story house causes fire in Cypress Hills

At least six people were injured in an explosion from a cellar at a building on Vermont Street Wednesday morning.
More than 130 firefighters were on the scene at midnight to put out the fire caused by the explosion on 58 Vermont St. in Cypress Hills.
Medical personnel treated six patients, two of whom were transported to Brookdale Hospital, for minor injuries related to smoke inhalation. Four patients refused hospital transportation.
According to the FDNY, the explosion and ensuing fire left “the structural stability of the entire block in question,” causing about 40 people in nearby residencies to be displaced from their homes. They are currently being assisted by the American Red Cross and NYC Office of Emergency Management.
Several of the cars nearby had their windows blown out, and Con Edison also responded to the emergency to try and alleviate any possible gas emergency. The cause of the explosion remains unknown at this time and is currently being investigated.
News 12 is waiting to hear back from both the Red Cross and Office of Emergency Management for their plans for those displaced by this incident. 
The Department of Buildings released a statement saying, “Our investigation at the scene remains ongoing. Once we are able to access the property at 58 Vermont Street, forensic engineers and inspectors from the Department will be able to investigate how this incident occurred, in order to hold all responsible parties accountable.”
The cause of the fire is still under investigation.