FDNY: Large fire at NYPD auto pound in Red Hook persists; 8 injured

The FDNY says the fire is going to take several days to fully extinguish because there is highly flammable material inside.

News 12 Staff

Dec 14, 2022, 11:42 AM

Updated 585 days ago


An NYPD impound lot fire in Red Hook remains under heavy NYPD and FDNY focus over 24 hours after it burst into flames
The FDNY says that the fire that started on Tuesday morning is finally under control, although the FDNY says they're still handling flare ups and hot spots that have been appearing in the aftermath of the fire at the impound lot. 
Officials say the fire was put out around 6 p.m., but they still do not have an explanation as to what started the fire. 
Over 100 firefighters responded to the flames starting around 10:37 a.m. Tuesday at the Erie Basin auto pound at 700 Columbia St. Thick black clouds of smoke could be seen moving across the borough.
Fifteen NYPD members and six contractors were still inside the facility at the time. The contractors noticed the fire started on the shelves. Police say the building is where they kept things like biological evidence, e-bikes and several vehicles.
All of those items are related to cases, dating all the way back to 20 or 30 years ago. Some remained from Hurricane Sandy as well as historical police vehicles. It is still unclear exactly how much of that evidence was damaged.
Firefighters had to back out of the inside of warehouse and start putting the fire out from the outside because the structure was unstable. Part of the building has collapsed, officials say. It's still unclear what the cause of the fire is.
Three firefighters, three EMS personnel and two civilians were reported to have minor injuries.
Police stress vehicles kept inside the compound are not related to those that have been towed because of parking tickets. All of those vehicles have been taken to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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