Fish Parade held in Hunts Point

The 15th annual Fish Parade was held on Saturday to celebrate community advocacy and the revival of Hunts Point.
The Fish Parade started as a protest 15 years ago, with residents rallying against the incoming Fulton Fish Market.
Residents did not want more trucks in their neighborhood.
Despite the rally, the fish market still came to Hunts Point. It did, however, galvanize groups of people to stand together and celebrate their community.
One organizer says that to this day, the parade still brings residents together.
"This is about resiliency," said Danny Peralta, Executive Managing Director of The Point. "This is about our community coming together."
Because of community advocacy, residents did receive waterfront access to both the Bronx River at Riverside Park and the East River further south at Barretto Point Park.
The parade ends at Baretto Point with food, art and music.