Fitness Face-off: Mr. America's Training Camp

Mr. America's Training Camp in the Bronx has come in at number 3 in News 12's Fitness Face-off Challenge.
Butch Nieves, owner of Mr. America's Training Camp, says the approach of his gym is bootcamp-style for larger groups, team groups and personal training.
"I like to do the HIIT style, high intensity interval training, which is what we advocate. I think is the best thing and the best use of your time," says Nieves.
Nieves has been running the gym for over 30 years. His son Angelo is also an employee and coach, and says fitness has always been a part of his life.
"In the crib, like the little baby crib, I had a one-pound dumbbell in my little crib," he says.
Angelo says he uses his passions for fitness to help others get in shape.
"Always a lot of energy, a lot of laughing, people having a great time and people getting in shape, guaranteed," says Angelo.