Fitness Face-off Winner: I Love Kickboxing

You voted, and the results are in for our Fitness Face-off challenge.
The workout rounding out the top three in the Bronx is kickboxing franchise I Love Kickboxing.
Although for many, the word kickboxing may sound scary, the people at I Love Kickboxing in Pelham Bay say it is a workout for everyone, no matter their athletic ability. 

"Our program is, it's like a fighter's workout without the fight, so it's no contact whatsoever. It just gets you in really good shape,” says franchising manager Andre Coulter.

For those who’ve never worked out before or can only do a couple of push-ups, the class encourages everyone to go at their own pace.
Gina Ferrantino says she had only ever walked and ran a bit on her own before she tried kickboxing.

"I came in and I joined the first night. The energy was unbelievable. I felt welcomed on a mat full of 20 people who I had never met before,” says Ferrantino. “My body changed within six weeks. I had definition in my arms, I had definition in my legs."

Classes at I Love Kickboxing are one full hour. 
The first 15 minutes include nonstop cardio attacking every muscle. Then, a six to seven-minute cooldown and stretch. After that, it’s time to put on some gloves for six three-minute bag rounds and partner drills. The class finishes off with another cooldown stretch.
For those who feel they may be too old to get started, Ferrantino has some words of advice.

"I’m one of the older one who's here, but I’ve got to tell you, I kick butt,” says Ferrantino.