Flashback Friday: 2 City Island eateries serve as unofficial landmarks

Things have changed for those who have lived in City Island for decades, but the memories remain fresh.
The Black Whale is seen to many as an unofficial landmark on City Island. It opened back in 1961.
"That's where it all started with the apple pies, and the teas, and the poetry readings and the one act plays in the backyard," says owner Richie DiPierro.
Calliope Rigos now runs the restaurant. While the menu has changed a bit, the decor has largely stayed the same.
Right across the street is another local favorite, the City Island Diner.
"While this diner has been here for well over 100 years and it has changed hands, the people in control have maintained the spirit of this place as the heartbeat of City Island where people come to exchange the news," says City Island Civic Assocation President Bill Stanton.
The diner's new owners say they have seen celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais pop up in their establishment over the years.
The diner is known for its chili, which Stanton called the best he has ever had.