Dancer raises awareness to climate change with 'Earth Song' film

Communities along the East River could be underwater by the year 2100, according to state data. 
To bring awareness to these alarming statistics, Flatbush dancer and choreographer Danielle Russo collaborated on a digital project and film called “Earth Song.” 
The dancers involved in the film, with music from New York Choral Society, aim to make the issue relatable to the public. 
“There's supposed to be major changes to our shorelines here in New York City in the next 80 years, but we're already seeing what the effects are now,” said dancer Antuan Byers. 
Dancers donned hazmat suit costumes and moved along the Red Hook waterfront. It started before the coronavirus pandemic, so production had to shift due to social distancing guidelines. 
There was extensive research done with community members, historians and environmentalists - with some data showing rising sea levels could submerge communities. The data is outlined in an app called Final Notice. 
It also addresses racial disparities in storm-surge zones Red Hook and South Williamsburg. 
The group hopes the project will motivate the public to think about ways they can combat climate change.