Floyd Bennett Field migrant housing dodges major issues during heavy rain, wind

Floyd Bennett Field, currently being used for migrant housing in Brooklyn, did not have many issues regarding flooding or intense wind during Monday's storm, according to people staying on the site.
News 12 visited the site  to check on conditions. Many people there said they didn’t have any issues during the storm, though some say they were worried about tents "flying away."
The commissioner of the city's Office of Emergency Management visited the site in the morning and said the conditions weren't at a dangerous level. He said that the roofs make loud noises during high winds, and it can be startling for many, but it doesn't indicate an issue with the structure.
"It's been a big help for people like me and people from all over the world but in reality it's a bit complicated. Sometimes we wonder if we're going to wake up and all the tents are going to go flying, but still it's a protection so we don't have to sleep on the street,” said Adonis Barrelas, a man staying at the shelter site.
Assembly Member Jaime Williams stopped by the area and said people staying at the site won't express their concerns because it's one of the only places available for them to stay. She urged Gov. Kathy Hochul to open areas upstate to incoming migrants.