Food Fight: Patricia's of Tremont

A Throgs Neck restaurant has been giving customers a taste of Italy for nearly 30 years.
It's also the second winner in this year's Food Fight challenge.

"I say wherever you like to eat, go ahead and eat. But the support has been pretty big over the years, and mainly the same customers over and over again and constantly renewing with new customers,” says Joseph Becora, manager of Patricia’s of Tremont.

Those are just a few reasons why Patricia’s of Tremont is being called one of the best places to eat in the Bronx. For the second year in a row, the Throgs Neck restaurant is winning top honors in the News 12 Food Fight contest.

"Very excited and knowing that we are doing a good job out there. And thank you to all the people that do come in here and support us,” says Becora.

People like Michael Dedona, who has been coming to Patricia’s for years.

“The food is great, it's convenient. It's quick and the service is great. They have a great pork chop dish with great with mixed peppers that I like. My wife and kids like the moneybags,” says Dedona.

Becora says the “moneybag” dish is called fioretti boscaiola on the menu. He says they are sockets stuffed with four different cheeses and a creamy pink sauce with peas, mushrooms and prosciutto.

It is just one of the many popular dishes staff at Patricia’s say is always made with love.

"Being a neighborhood place we have very big support from our community that they're like family when they come in being at grandma's house,” says Becora.