Fordham family hopeful after losing home to fire

One family in Fordham is remaining hopeful after a massive fire tore through their block early Friday.
The Gonzalez family's home was damaged in the fire, and they spoke exclusively to News 12. They are among the nearly 90 people displaced by the flames.
Matthew Gonzalez says he woke up to the fire outside of his bedroom window just before around midnight. "I was fearful for my family's safety, my house's safety, my own safety."
The 18-year-old Gonzalez says he wants to be a firefighter and received his first lesson Thursday night: never leave anyone behind. He says he woke up his brother and parents who were both asleep, making sure everyone got out safely.
"The fire department tried their best to put out the fire at the time, but I felt like the more water they pushed the more fire came out of the buildings," he says.
Unfortunately, that water sprayed from the front of the houses and reached back to the Gonzalez' house, breaking windows and paneling and making the home unlivable.
Gonzalez's father says their future is going to be tough, but he is hopeful. The family plans to stay with their two daughters in Manhattan until they can come back home.