Forecast: Mostly sunny skies, temps rise above freezing

Some relief from the extreme cold is on the way.
News 12 meteorologists say temperatures are expected to rise to the 30s and 40s through the weekend, and 50s as we begin the new work and school week.
Saturday will be mostly sunny, indicating there may be a chance to see shadows. The high will be 36 degrees with mild wind gusts.
Temperatures may dip below 30 degrees overnight with partly cloudy skies.
Sunshine followed by increasing clouds is expected for Sunday. The high will be 45 degrees. The overnight low will be 36 degrees.
Mostly cloudy skies linger Monday, with the chance for a few light showers. The high will be 53 degrees. The overnight low will be 43 degrees.
Check the News 12 The Bronx Weather Center for more.