Former police officer accused of rape

A former NYPD officer has been accused of drugging a woman in a Bronx bar and sexually assaulting her in a Westchester motel.
The 46-year old Jose Arroyo, properties manager and bouncer at a White Plains nightclub, met his victim at Doyle?s Pub on East Tremont on Nov. 14. It was there that he allegedly drugged her beverage rendering her unconscious and drove her to a Westchester motel where police say he sexually assaulted his 31-year-old victim.
?The Greenburg police came down and took video out of the bar,? says pub owner Bob Doyle. ?We try to protect our patrons as much as possible.?Arroyo was arrested Jan. 9 and is charged with second-degree kidnapping and first-degree rape. He has been sent to the Westchester County Jail where his bail is set at $200,000.