Fresh Direct looking to hire more workers for South Bronx location

Fresh Direct looking to hire more workers for South Bronx location

Online grocer Fresh Direct promised to bring jobs to the Bronx community when it opened up in Port Morris a little over a year ago, and News 12 checked back in to see if that promise was kept.

Larry Scott Blackmon, of Fresh Direct, says it has hired more than 1,000 Bronx residents.
“We kept our commitment to this community across a number of different fronts and those opportunities and those positions run the gamut,” he says.
Fresh Direct officials tell News 12 they continue to open their doors to new hires weekly, still sourcing from the local community through various organizations and NYCHA.

"We have positions that run from operations in the plant to corporate to some of our other locations,” says Blackmon.

Fresh Direct came to the South Bronx in 2015 and faced some opposition - a local activist group even sued for the grocer to not come to the area.

Many against the major company moving into their neighborhood cited environmental concerns, increased traffic worries and job opportunity skepticism among other concerns.

"Pushback is a thing of the past. Our partnerships with this community are strong and we look forward to developing those partnerships even further. And some of the community residents are our biggest advocates for what we are doing here,” says Blackmon.
The Allerton International Merchants Association tells News 12 that Fresh Direct coming to Port Morris is one example of community input being ignored, but it applauds Fresh Direct for its community outreach. South Bronx Unite is another group that has been against the project.