Gas prices easing ahead of summer driving season

A year ago, a New Yorker was paying on average a little over $5 for a gallon of regular.

News 12 Staff

Jun 17, 2023, 12:33 AM

Updated 337 days ago


Gas prices are easing just ahead of many taking to the roads for the busy summer driving season.
A year ago, a New Yorker was paying, on average, a little over $5 for a gallon of regular. But gas prices have since dropped.
A gallon of regular was $3.59 at a Bushwick gas station as of Friday night.
It has been a rough year for riders as prices soared across the country, along with other essential needs.
Rising costs did not help the cost of living, especially in New York City.
Gas prices are not cheap, compared to 2020 when the national average crashed below $2 for a gallon.
Some Brooklyn residents said gas prices may be a bit cheaper but still not quite at the price-point they would like to pay at.
Some drivers said they hope gas prices will dip just a bit more over the summer because that will help everyone.

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