Gov. Hochul signs new legislation expanding access to birth control, reproductive care

Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a legislation Tuesday that will expand access on birth control and reproductive care in New York.
The legislation makes pharmacies a one-stop-shop for birth control – allowing pharmacists to provide a prescription and dispense that medication at the same time.
It also expands and accommodates health care needs for CUNY and SUNY college students. This means students can seek out abortion care on campuses. According to each piece of legislation, The SUNY and CUNY act will take effect this August and the pharmacy access will happen sometime late next year.
The legislation comes a year since the United States Supreme Court issued the Dobbs decision stripping away reproductive rights from millions of women.
Gov. Hochul says the state will continue to be a sanctuary, but also made it very clear that there is still a lot to do.
"These are landmark pieces of legislation, statements of our values as New Yorkers and as always, when others fall short New York will continue to step up and lead the way,” she said.
Hudson Valley Assemblymember Amy Paulin sponsored the pharmacy access legislation.
Paulin received a shoutout from advocate Rochelle Rodney, of the NY Birth Control Access Project.
“Assemblymember Paulin, you were one of the first in the nation to introduce a bill like this and now we will be able to get our prescription right at the pharmacy. Thank you for your leadership on this,” she said.