Grass roots organization Bronx Film 48 seeks community support for outdoor film festival

Bronx Film 48 is a group of four individuals with big plans to elevate the film industry in the Bronx and put together an outdoor film festival with multiple events in 2022.
The individuals are looking to raise $20,000 to hold the festival, which they feel would be a huge deal for the Bronx community.  So far, the group has raised $3,000, but they say they need the community's help to reach their goal.
Bronx Film 48 intends for the film screenings to be held at local parks, rooftops and drive-in parking lots.
Currently, they say that there are few resources for filmmakers in the Bronx. Often, they must travel to Brooklyn to view screenings and meet other creators.
Their goal is to expand the cinema scene into the Bronx and attract talented local filmmakers. They also want to be able to showcase the Bronx in a positive light.
"We want to showcase films from the Bronx with Bronx residents, and we want to create opportunities where Bronx residents can go to celebrate and watch and support," said Edwin Torres, the co-founder of the organization.